Chess Evolution been established in 2011. For over 10 years, we focused on producing high end chess products. From the initial publishing of chess books, we advanced to digital products as ” CE Wireless Digital set” which currently is the most high tech chess product on the market!


As well we give the opportunity to hobby writers to publish their paperwork over us, by providing a guidance in work with chess programs, making covers and preparation of pdfs for printing.
Of course, you can get great prices on printing doing it with us.
Another point is the chess content: Having a former Top 20 best chess player in the world Arkadij Naiditsch as CEO, we gladly support you on your way to became a better chess player offering online lessons, consulting services etc.

We work together with over 30 Chess Grandmasters worldwide!

The 2 new sections of the company “Seminars” and “Videos” are just recently integrated to make our business offers even more flexible. From books to video for download, from “chess watches” to digital chess products, from taking a chess lessons to publishing your own book, we will give our best to support you on your journey through the beautiful game of chess!

Arkadij Naiditsch
CEO and founder of Chess Evolution